Ciabatta / Focaccia 80 % Hydration with Poolish Starter

Total dough weight: 1000 g
Total flour: 541 g
Total water: 444 g (80 % hydration)
Poolish flour: 167 g (30 % of total flour)
Poolish water: 167 g (100% poolish hydration)
Poolish yeast: 0.06 g (dry, room temp., overnight)
Poolish salt: 0.1 g
Rest of flour: 389 g (possible 30 min autolyse with poolish)
Rest of water: 277 g (possible double hydration technique)
Olive oil: 25 g (focaccia only, more for bottom and top)
Rest of salt: 12 g (2.3 % of flour)
Rest of yeast: 1.8 g (1.0 %, dry, 5 g fresh)

85 % hydration also possible with higher gluten flour and/or good stretch and fold work. You may need to use a baking form to ensure your desired shape of the final ciabatta. For fresh east, multiple by 3.3. (Poolish – pea size of fresh east, rest – cherry size) 3 times stretch and fold with 45 minut rest, bowl spread with olive oil and covered with foil. Up to 45 minutes final proof. Spingle with water. Steam the oven. Start 250 °C, 15 min 230 °C, 15-20 min 200 °C (without steam). Use dutch oven or baking stone to better control the crust. Turn off oven, slightly open the door and leave bread insight for a better crust. Move the bread to a iron rack and let it cool down completely.

The picture here is not my best ciabatta but probably my first one. :)


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