Samsung NX20 specifikace

Server přinesl nové neoficiální informace o předpokládaných specifikacích fotoaparátu Samsung NX20. Nutno říci, že fotoaparát ještě nebyl oficiálně představen, a proto se jedná o „rumors“.The max shutter speed is 1/8000 and 8fps (full resolution), just like some medium level DSLR.
It definitely has a better buffer and processor.
WiFi connection is a WiFi Direct, so it can be connected to any WiFi Direct device like tablet, smartphone, TV or laptop without a router or internet.
It has a mode C (custom) on the main dial.
The first shutter curtain is a electronic one, in that way the shutter lag is almost imperceptible.
ISO 100 – 12800 with a excellent response at ISO 6400, I would say a little better than NEX7.
The EVF is excellent, I have been trying the NX20 and NEX7 and they look very similar in size and quality.
The Body is a little heavier and with more volume than NX10, I tried it with the 60mm Macro lens and the balance is much better than NX10.
The final camera could have an external mic jack, HDMI and USB ports and any other changes.
My conclusion is this camera has many thing of a medium level DSLR but in a smaller body…


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