Asus F3jm Windows 8 VGA error (update KB2976978)

Yes, another issue about Asus F3jm and Windows 8 64bit. But this can concern many more notebook models – all which use nvidia 179.48 beta driver. This is the only available driver, published in 01/2009. Suddenly, video_tdr_failure blue death of my Windows started to appear after system boot. Windows was able to recover to a previous state but after a while of using it the same error occurred. My idea was that some new update is causing the compatibility crash. So I have forbidden all updates, but the error was still there. So what is my contribution to the issue? :-) After many tries and system recoveries I found out that the problematic update was already downloaded in hidden windows folder (not deleted during recovery) and therefore always installed over and over again even if automatic updates where disabled. So I have deleted all data from update folder and for now I am able to use the system like a charm. Do not forget to renew automatic updates but forbid the specific update which is causing the error. I believe it is KB2976978 from 02/06/2016, which is not important but optional update. Describtion says it tests the system for drivers compatibility in order to enable smooth upgrade to Windows 10. As I already know that Windows 10 cannot be installed, it is useless.

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