Ikea TRÅDFRI and Philips hue (in)compatibility

I am quite new in this „smart home“ thing. But in fact who is not? :) I have a few lights and power supplies from Ikea caled Trådfri. I bought a Google Assistant – Nest mini. And naturally I wanted a bridge. Philips hue bridge seems a better option for me than Ikea Trådfri Gateway – more pruducts available if I will expanding my smart home in the future. (Philips hue si about twice as expensive.) Ikea Trådfri lights shloud be compatible with Philips hue bridge as Ikea claims on there webssite. But are they? Well, not fully. They are supported through an third party app called Hue Essentials. To setup the lights (with remote control) is quite complicated but it can be done. Notice, that an appropriate firmware version of your lights is needed and you can only update it through Ikea Trådfri Gateway. But you will experience a random flickering (flashing) of your lights! The issue is known since 2018 but still at the end of 2020 nobody has fixed it. The world is so slow sometimes. If you write to Ikea support in Czech republic, you will wait for an answer several weeks. The main problem is that they claim it is compatible but it is not. Not fully. So be carefull not to be disappointed if you equip your home with smart Ikea lights alongside with a Phillips hue bridge. Random flashing can be quite disturbing sometimes (and it is shortening the lifetime of your lights.)

UPDATE: Ikea has sent an automated email (after couple of weeks or even more) that they are sorry and that nobody is available to reply to my question. :)

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